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lisaMona Lisa Comeau, Co-Founder/Co-Leader: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals & Percussion - When Lisa Belts out an Aretha, Gladys or Natalie tune, you'd better stand back - her passion is inescapable! In fact, Lisa has studied the nuances of these and other legendary artists for 15 years in hopes of honoring them.  Telling these stories set to music is her number one goal!  
Jay Comeau, Co-Founder/Co-Leader: Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals -A Berklee alumnus, Jay's greatest heroes are James Jamerson, one of the legendary bass men heard on those famous recordings, as well as Chuck Rainey & Larry Graham. Jay has honed his funkiness for over 30 years playing across the country and abroad.  This worldly experience is truly evident when you watch and listen to him!
"Chubby" Boothe: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals and Percussion - Chubby brings a boatload of Soul to the band. His powerful voice is the icing on the cake!  With over 30 years of experience, Chubby has performed with Hello Detroit, Live Wire and The Funky Divas of Gospel.  Whenever Chubby sings, he leaves no doubt of his love for Motown, R&B & Soul!  You'll love it, too! Chubby's major vocal influences are Marvin Gaye and Al Jareau.
Lonnie "Maestro" Wescott: Keys, Sax, Lead & Backing Vocals - Lonnie was born to a whole family of musicians so it is natural that he would become not only Traip Academy's Music Director, but also a career, life-long musician playing several instruments.  Lonnie truly brings a mother-load of skill and flair to SoulMate along with his own comedic flair!  You'll just love what he does!  Lonnie's heroes are Oscar Peterson and Billy Preston.

Mike "DOC" Michaels: Guitar - Mike hails from a very musical, New York family. As a teenager, he first played drums in his pop's country band. After switching to guitar, he played the blues for several years before coming to SoulMate. Thus, his unique sound serves up a spicy mix of jazzy, bluesy licks flavored with a country 'twang - his recipe is just what "THE DOCTOR ORDERED!" Mike's heroes are Steve Cropper and Mike Bloomfield.