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                                      What people are saying about The SoulMate Band …


Letters of Appreciation From Our Lovely Brides and Their Families:

"Hey Lisa, and The SoulMate Band

Once again I want to tell you how much we enjoyed the band. Your music really did make our wedding amazing.  Because your band has such talented musicians, every song was a hit. The wedding was the rocking fun party we had hoped for. Not to mention, you hit the nail on the head with "Beyond the Sea." I was overjoyed to be able to dance with Austin to that song. While he was deployed in Afghanistan, if I heard that song I would fall to pieces. It was perfect to hear it again, played so well, and to be in his arms. So once again, thank you! We can't wait for the holidays and to get home. We are truly looking forward to coming to see and dance to one of your shows. 

I will most certainly recommend SoulMate for anyone who wants to have an awesome wedding. Also, thank you for the thoughtful gift ... it has found a place of honor on our dresser.  Definitely keep in touch, glad we could become friends.  

Thank you again,

Mrs. Kathleen Grieg"


"Dear Mona Lisa et al,

I just wanted to take a moment let you know how wonderful your music was for Kathleen and Austin's wedding.  I am so glad we found you!  Everyone had such a nice time.  Thank you for being so kind to my granddaughters.  They will remember "Aunt Kaka" and" 'Ncle Boston's" wedding for a long time to come!

In my lifetime, I have been to hundreds of weddings and heard hundreds of bands.  Yours is by far the best!  My beloved, who is a musician/singer/songwriter listens with a very critical ear and was taken by how tight your band is.  He doesn't often give high grades to bands but he actually wanted me to find out more about you so he could share your name with folks looking for a REALLY good band.

Thank you again for adding to the beauty of our special day.

Blessings to you all,

Linda (Mother of the bride)

Linda M. Rhinehart Neas, M.Ed."


Thanks to you and the guys for a wonderful, wonderful time Saturday.  I may have spent  too much time on the dance floor and not enough socializing, but I would never change that.  You can't imagine the sheer joy I felt watching our friends and relatives and faces from way back all coming together and dancing and loving each other.  That is what Life is all about.  My heart is still so full.
I want to ask whether you would like me to give your son's name and address to the ladies of Stonewall Kitchen.  They sent packages of cookies and stuff to my Austin's unit while he was overseas and now that he is back, they need another name.  They bake it all themselves, but they let Stonewall Kitchens pay for the shipping.  All good.  Let me know about that and my heart and prayers are with you and Jay as your son embarks on his journey.  He will be man when he is done.  Thank you for doing what you do; it raises the vibration on the planet a notch or two at a time.  It's important and it matters, 

Best to you,  

Laura Patterson (mother of the Groom)"


"DEAR Mona Lisa,

All I can say is, what a blast everyone had and you were seriously the highlight of our entire wedding! If anyone out there is planning a wedding, SoulMate is definitely the band to book, because of your energy, the event flow, the amazing organization, and the way you guys can cater to all age groups is what made our wedding so successful.  I was a little worried about asking you to learn 3 songs that were seriously out of your repertoire (Faithfully, Think of Laura, and especially Hava Nagila), but you sounded like you had been performing those songs forever! I don't know how to thank you enough, especially with Mona Lisa's attention to detail and her ability to just cater to everything I wanted, but to sing your praises to everyone I know! 

Anyway, I was serious about being your best reference for weddings with SoulMate, so please feel free to use my name on your advertisements.
Thank you,
Mrs. Laura Krakow Stearns"


"Mona Lisa, 

Once again SoulMate put on a fabulous performance at the Seacoast Science Center’s Music by the Sea concert series. Not only is your music top-notch, but your entire crew is professional, but still fun. You arrive on time, have all your gear together without fuss and bother. The combination of being organized and prepared as well as talented, fun and easy to work with is rare indeed. Of all our bands, you engage the audience the most and lift everyone’s spirits. I heartily recommend SoulMate for anyone who wants a fun, talented, professional and just plain pleasant entertainer who will add zest to the atmosphere without any angst.

Wendy W. Lull President

Seacoast Science Center
570 Ocean Blvd.
Rye, NH 03870-2104
Voice: 603-436-8043 ext. 15
Mobile: 603-767-2622
FAX: 603-433-2235
web: www.seacoastsciencecenter.org

Creating connections to nature through personal experience."

"LISA - Attached is a little note of praise.  All the Best, Ginni.  ...  As a Special Event Director, I hire bands all year long for a variety of events.  For our 2008 Awards Dinner (very prestigious event), I contracted The SoulMate Band.  When the band took the stage, not only was I impressed, but the room was in a stir!   At least a dozen people came to me to find out where I found this dynamite band.  In setting up the administrative details with The SoulMate Band, they were professional and easy to work with, very accommodating. Their look for the upscale event was first class.  Their performance was not only appropriate for the event and the crowd, it was exhilarating!!  Everyone had a great time and raved about the band … which makes ME look good!  I sure appreciate that!!!!!!!!  I plan to hire The SoulMate band and have referred them several times since our event.  Whatever your looking for… THEY'VE GOT IT!!!!

Ginni McNamara, Dir. of Special Events

Seafood Festival Vice-Chairman,

Seafood Festival Food Vendor Mgr.

Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce

Hampton, New Hampshire"

"SoulMate was the grand finale at the 2009 annual Arts Alive Festival in downtown Dover's Henry Law Park. The outdoor Rotary Pavilion is a BIG stage to work with, but SoulMate had the presence to own it completely, plus the sound to fill the park. The band received rave reviews from the folks who attended - I wish I had a nickel for every person who asked me about the band.  We will definitely be bringing SoulMate back to Dover again.

Joyce El Kouarti, Chair

Arts Alive Festival Committee

Dover, Nh "

"THANK you so much for a professional and exciting evening.  The organization was wonderful.  I was so nervous about how things were going to be pulled off, but you put me at ease.  SoulMate coordinated everything with the Function Hall to make my In-laws feel extra-special on a very special occasion.  We got to Spinelli's and again I was put at ease, to see you almost completely set up and ready to go.  You even offered to help us put our centerpieces on the tables.  What a help.  Now to the music … you took into consideration the different age groups of people we had attending the party, and worked with them.  The band had slower and softer music in the beginning and got going by the end of the night.  We danced the night away!  I cannot thank you enough for helping us make the 50th a wonderful unforgettable evening.  I will suggest SoulMate again and again to anyone!  You are a wonderful band and I look forward to our next event to give you a call.  See you on September 2nd on Short Sands!  Thank you!"  Dani DeLucca, Wells, Maine

AS REPORTED IN "the wire" magazine - "Food, Music & Dancing at Saunders ... Whether you come for the food, music, dancing or a combination of all three, you are likely to find a good time at Saunders this Friday.  The restaurant will feature a blend of all three components during the 'Take the Leap' Cocktail Reception and Dance Party on Friday, Feb. 29.  'It's the complete package,' said Doug Zechel, owner of Saunders Restaurant at Rye Harbor.  'The food has always been incredible, the band is phenomenal.'  And what about the dancing? 'Well, I am your classic white, old guy,' Zechel said.  But when their infectious music fills the building, everyone in attendance, including Zechel, 'can't help but dance.'  The $25 price of entry includes Saunders' buffet and music from SoulMate, a band that combines classic Motown, Funk, R&B and Soul.  Zechel has booked the band on many occasions because of its classic sound and high-energy performance.  'The lead singer, Mona Lisa Comeau, has incredible energy,' Zechel said.  'It's classic music.  It was good 50  years ago and will still be good 50 years from now." Excerpted from The Wire Food Reporter Bill Trotter's article that appeared in The Wire Feb. 27-Mar. 4, 2008 Issue.

"I wasn't sure what to expect the first time we had Soul Mate perform here at Saunders at Rye Harbor, NH.  I knew Lisa had great energy in just talking with her, but I had no idea what fun and spunk she would have as a performer!  Soul Mate was not just background music.  Lisa is amazing as lead singer ... she got people up, dancing and singing with her.  The energy of the band and these Motown classics are outstanding.  It really is an event when they come in: one you don't want to end, and one we are very excited to have them back for."  J. K. Burpee, Bar Mgr., Asst. to Owner, Saunders at Rye Harbor, NH


"Just Wanted to Say ...  your band is  AWESOME!  We saw you for the first time at Bentleys last Saturday night. Enjoyed dancing to your music all night long.   Met lots of nice people.  Looking forward to seeing you at the Brunswick at the end of the month. I have a friend's daughter getting married and you guys would be great! Keep making people smile with your music!  Betty"

"I was at Hampton Beach this past week and heard your band on Friday night for the first time.  Amazing.  My
cousin and I were up there dancing with everyone in the crowd.  Such a fun night for everyone.  e always look forward to the music on the beach and your band made it so much fun and a great way to end our week.  I was one of the crazy ones dancing when you came off the stage.  You were getting a lot of compliments from people around us because you truly knew how to capture the crowd and make it a fun night of music.   Thanks again for being there during my week of vacation and I hope you are there again next summer during my week.  I hope you are back next summer to play on the week I am there again.

Thanks for a great night of music.


Sharon Goins"

"Dear Mona Lisa and Mates,  Woooooo!!! You guys really tore it up at Bentley's last night! You rock rock rock!!! I had so much fun and I didn't have the exclusive on that, everybody loves you! Sooo looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for the great great time!" Hayden

"We love letting others know how great The SoulMate band is. We have gone to three or four events since having the pleasure of sharing an evening with your wonderful, awesome band, and plan to attend many more. You make our week so worth it, when we get to go out and see your sh ow, dancing to such great sounds. We have been blown away each night. Every piece of your band, all the players are so talented. How do you have so many excellent players in one band?? When you break out with each player, it's all fantastic - we can't get enough!  With that being said, we do want to know the rest of your upcoming shows. Even though we have to travel, you all are worth it.  Also New Years Eve - when you know where, please inform us. We would love to break in the new year with your show. Thanks for bringing such great classic sounds, and your talent and your love onto the stage. We look forward to receiving your emails, your demo tape (which I would love to purchase your cd's if they were on sale). Again thank you, and we cant wait to see your show again." Denise and Al

"WHAT A Band, What A Band, What A Mighty, Mighty Good Band! Thank you for the email.  I had a great time watching your band Saturday night at Bentleys.  I am a big Motown Fan and a musician myself and I was very impressed.  Great musicianship, showmanship and energy.  You have a fan for life.  If anyone I know needs a band for a wedding or anything else, I'll gladly recommend you. I will see you next time!"  Robbie, Arundel, ME

"SAW you at Bentley's last night ... best dance band since I saw The Grateful Dead live in the 70s!! Thanks!  Also glad you weren't so loud that we couldn’t hear each other ... a major bonus."  Karen, Arundel, ME

"WE heard The SoulMate Band for the first time this past weekend (Capone's in Peabody MA).  We all had a blast dancing and singing (without microphones, thank goodness).  We really enjoyed the fun and look forward to future dates with the band.  Please add me to the email notices.  Thanks, Julie"  Peabody, MA

"HI  - I wanted to recommend a local band to you. The name of the band is The SoulMate Band. They play classic Motown, Funk, Soul and, and my own personal favorite- Disco.   They are fabulous - they sound tremendous and put on an outstanding show.   I have seen them countless times over the last few years.  I’m always amazed at how they draw the crowd into the show and how much people LOVE to dance to their music.  They have such a wide variety of music that appeals to people of all ages.  They have played locally in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, at clubs and restaurants.  Additionally, they play at weddings and private functions so they have solid name recognition in the region.  I highly recommend them for musical entertainment.  Read the reviews from their website.  You can't help but be impressed with the band's talent, results and professionalism.  They have some local appearances coming up if you want to check them out in person.  I am not affiliated with the band in any way (no monetary gain for me).  I'm just a fan looking to enjoy the great sounds of The SoulMate Band!  Sincerely, Nicole P., Maine"

Received two hours after our performance! - "MY FRIEND and I saw your band for the first time tonight at The Brunswick in Old Orchard Beach and loved it.  You all were wonderful and everyone had a great time.  You are all very talented musicians and singers!  It was great to see a band where you could tell everyone loved what they were doing.  Keep up the great work and I hope to see you perform again soon.  Take Care and Thank you,  Judy, Portland, ME"

"LISA, it was a pleasure to meet you Saturday night.   My sister and I still can't believe how great you nailed 'Free'.   I look forward to seeing you again soon.   I gave your card to my function manager here at work just in case.  Take care girl!"  -  Christine, Boston, MA

" AM I glad I went (with a friend) to Kelly's Row and once again got to see you perform: WHAT FUN!! Thank You - and I hope you each have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2008! Keep on keepin' us dancin' " - Suzi, Rye, NH

“THANKING you for a great show …  Thank You for the Outstanding performance last night, at Zacharys - I'm now a big fan in Portland, Love all your Music and Now can Enjoy it in my own Home. And I'm glad to be on the SoulMate members list. Cant wait to hear you guys again soon! Sincerely, SuzanS, Portland, ME"

“GREAT Performance …  Hi    :)   I want you to know that I was at Kelly's Row rest. Saturday night and saw you all perform.  It was my first time seeing you and I had a great time!  You all are awesome and I cannot wait to see you again.  I love the way you come around and greet everyone, that is fantastic!! The music is great as well!!  thank you for entertaining us. See you soon!!  I live in Epping NH. You should check into myspace, you will have tons of people viewing your band and all of your dates you will be playing.  Take care and God bless!  :) Rachel - Epping, NH  P.S. I would love to be on your mailing list!”

“THANKS for keeping me informed...wish I had checked my mail before this morning. Always eager for more dancing nights; you were terrific at Saunders!" Suzi M., Rye, NH

"THANK you for adding me to your E-Mail list. I want to become a member of your fan club. I have seen your group several times, most recently at the Sand's in Salisbury, Ma., and cannot get enough of you guys! Your music is outstanding and brings back many memories. Your performance of the " Oldies " is so much like the originals, I close my eyes and almost see the original performers. Thank you all for making me feel young again. My friends love you, too. We plan to see you at the Sand's on the 16th of June, if not before, God willing. Please give my regards to the rest of the band and thank them also. I might just become a 'Groupie' :-) So until then...Be well, God Bless. Peace & Love."  Herbe AKA Chief Big Dog :-)

"FOUND My SoulMate Listening to SoulMate … Just wanted to drop you an email to say what an awesome time my guy and I had dancing the night away with SoulMate at Zackary's this past Saturday night (3/31/07)! The band was absolutely in top form, wailing on some great tunes, and Mona Lisa and Chubby were on fire, connecting with us and the whole audience with their amazing voices and gifted on-stage presence! A truly awesome show!  We specifically went to Zackary's that night to experience your band for the 2nd time ... the 1st time we experienced SoulMate was at the same place just this past January 20th when we were on our first date. That night he and I started down the road to falling in love, and dancing to SoulMate's passionate performance just moved us both so much, we were able to easily connect emotionally with one another right there on the dance floor. Since that night, we both have a very deep fondness for SoulMate, and this band will always be a warm part of our budding romance story. We plan to keep a permanent eye on your website and will attend as many of your shows as possible. Just wanted you to know that for some of us in your posse, SoulMate is not only a fun and talented band to listen to and dance with, but also a real part of our hearts. The name "SoulMate" is truly fitting for this band! Thanks for giving us some great memories! And we're looking forward to making many more!" 2 new soulmates in the SoulMate Posse!"  Donna and Rick, Westbrook, ME

“HI Lisa!  I wanted to join in with all the great reviews I've read.  Saw your performance at Saunders at Rye, NH recently with my friend. We had so much fun … Love Train, Ojays ~~ I will see you tonight in Portland, ME.  I'll bring my hubby this time!!  Best regards.....keep groovin!!” Jennifer, Kittery, ME

"I have referred your band … for a party … we’d like to dance to your music there!  I think it is interesting that with the boomer generation out there, there aren’t more venues for “our” music to dance to.  But we are on the lookout for more places you play at.  I am just so glad we happened to see a notice in Foster’s about your night at Saunders.  Otherwise, we never would have known about it.  We had more fun that night than we’ve had in a long time!"  Andrea

"THANKS so much for your ‘welcome’ note - You'll remember meeting me at Zachary's on Friday night ... we had a ball, dancing right in front of you!  We LOVED your performance, and I've already spoken with other fans who were there that night so people were definitely talking about the SOULMATE BAND!!  VERY much looking forward to seeing / hearing you again!"  Cal

"MY girlfriend and I danced to your music at the Exit 48 Holiday Inn, Portland last night.  We both Loved the Music and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! We would like to know when/where you are as we would like to to go to other SoulMate shows.  Thanks and Keep It Up! You Sound Great!"  Patrick, Portland, ME

"HAD an awesome time at Zachary's Fri & Sat!  Thanks to Everyone in the Band and the Posse!  I Love It when you're this close to home!"  Steve from Portland, ME  "THANK YOU SO MUCH SOULMATE!!!  You Truly Are the BEST the SEACOAST Has to Offer!"  Denise, Andover, MA

"MY evening with SoulMate was one of the best evenings I've had.  Lisa, the lead singer, has more energy, spunk and voice, than I've ever seen performed.  The band's right behind her!  You end up dancing, getting right up with the band and singing.  Who knew you would know all the words to these Motown songs!  Thanks for such a good time; I can't wait until your next event!"  Jennifer, Portsmouth, NH

"I have seen your band several times and Love It!  This year is the 25th anniversary of our firm.  I am researching some information for an anniversary party and would love to have your band perform at the party."  Colleen
"YOU ARE  F A B U L O U S!"  Pat Mussatto,  Yarmouth, ME          

"GREAT JOB! LOVE THE MUSIC!"  Lucille Griffith, Metheun, MA

"WOW! SoulMate is Awesome!  It's great to see a band with such talent.  You're all such fine musicians and offer such a variety of music.  Lisa, you have such a dynamic voice and put so much passion into your songs, something that seems to be lacking in so many singers these days.  We've known Chubby for quite a while and feel this is a winning combination.  We had so much fun at Jonathan's on Friday night, we had to go back on Saturday, and enjoyed it even more.  The best we can say is you're a real Class Act!  Can't wait to see you again."  Brian and Beverly, Salem, NH

"WONDERFUL! Best band I've heard in a long time!  Love how you get the kids involved!  Great Band! I want to become a groupie!"  Sheri Howe, Bath, ME   "I ENJOYED YOUR SHOW--SECOND TIME I SAW YOU AND LOVE THE MUSIC!  GREAT BAND! THE ENERGY YOU PUT INTO THE SHOW IS UNBELIEVABLE!"  Will K. --  New Hampshire!

"NO Doubt About It--SoulMate ROCKS!  The Cinco De Mayo Motown Dance Party at Saunders at Rye Harbor was fabulous!  Doug and all his staff did a great job all night, and the buffet they put out was the best!  Lisa, you put everything into your songs … I think that's why you sing Aretha and all your 'sisters' so damn good!  Chubby is a great addition to the band and in the groove with every song, but then again, you all come together so fine - you are ONE!  We had a great party!  The only thing was we needed 10 was more feet of dance floor, but it was rocking!  Thanks to the band, too!"   Marie D.  - Harvard, MA

"THE New Hampshire Seacoast has a long tradition of a lively music scene.  'Back in the Day,' the Meadowbrook was jumping with large production rock bands, the Ranger Club was like an atomic reactor in the middle of Portsmouth, and Jimmy Canty's Shanty was vibrating with the best country music bands within 50 miles.  Time has eroded all of this, the great musicians have retired; the ones remaining are still trying to sell covers of tunes by 70's rock bands.  Good dance bands are getting scarce.  SoulMate is setting about to light the fires once again, and they're making a good go of it.  They are raising the bar, and we can expect the whole music scene to benefit.  Each member being top shelf at his craft, big talent times five, these people are scary good. Tight, crankin' and dynamic, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!"  Bruce K. - Lebanon, ME